Our Approach

The workshop, titled "Glitter, Guts, and Giggles," encourages young women to use their voices in a 21st century context across digital platforms, including writing, image and music. Participants read and discussed writing from black feminist artists and social justice practitioners, including Kentucky's bell hooks, Nikky Finney, Crystal Wilkinson and others.

Zoe Jenkins found that “Glitter, Guts, and Giggles not only taught me about writing as a way of self-expression, but a method self-expression.”

The workshop was made possible by a "Girls of Color: Voice and Vision" grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

The purpose of the project was to elevate the voices and lived experiences of these young women by sharing personal stories and creating art.

"A project that educates black girls about accessing voice, feminist arts and social justice is necessary," Hill said. "This type of project prepares black girls to use their voices, to articulate their needs in an America that is increasingly pressuring them to negotiate national identity in the context of a racist political climate. In kind, the work honors the legacy of black feminist artists that have engaged in social justice efforts in America."

Meet the Team

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Damaris Hill, PhD

Founder and Glitter Empress

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Crystal Wilkinson

Wild Fig, Owner

(@TheWildFigBooks). Woman-owned. Black-owned. Nerd-owned. (i think our work here is done) *capes out*." -Twitter

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Leemu Kutu Hall

Glitter Master


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Shanita Jackson

Glitter Master